Finding the right resources for your health coaching business can be a challenge. How do you know what to look for and where? We created this list so you can quickly and easily find quality resources for your business. We can vouch for each of the products and services mentioned in this list for their excellence and reliability.

Disclosure: Many of the products and services below contain affiliate links and we may receive commissions for purchases made through these links. Please be assured that we only endorse products and services that will benefit your health coaching business. If you have any questions or concerns about our recommendations, feel free to contact us.

Certification Programs

Health Coach Institute: Our top choice for health coach training goes to Health Coach Institute (HCI), an online certification program focused on nutrition, personal growth, and habit change.

Health Coach Institute also provides you with business management basics and practical experience coaching real clients. You'll learn at your own pace with either PDFs or Mp3s, and the course takes about six months to complete. HCI has no enrollment requirements.

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Health Coach Institute

Ace Fitness Health Coach: ACE Fitness Health Coach is an inexpensive, high-quality alternative to Health Coach Institute. We trust ACE because it's the only health coaching program approved by the esteemed National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).

ACE Health Coach focuses on the psychology of positive change and its effect on goals. It's an information-packed three to four-month program. Requirements are minimal: be at least 18 years old, have an ID, and have CPR/AED training.

ACE is currently offering $100 off their health coach study programs with the code: GOACEHC.

➤ Check out Ace Fitness Health Coach here or or read our detailed ACE Fitness Health Coach Review first.

Ace Fitness Health Coach


Coaches Console: Coaches Console is an all-in-one business management software program designed specifically for health coaches. We appreciate the program's user-friendliness and many useful features, including scheduling, billing and invoicing, client management, and progress tracking.

Coaches Console's easy-to-understand training videos and patient, knowledgeable support staff will guide you through any obstacles you may hit along the way.

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Coaches Console

Practice Better: If you're looking for a less expensive alternative to Coaches Console, Practice Better is worth considering. Like Coaches Console, Practice Better consolidates essential tools to get your business off the ground, including booking, invoicing, notifications, and automated appointment reminders.

Practice Better is intuitive, simple to use, and easy to customize. In case you get stuck, you can always get in touch with their responsive support team and they'll get you up and running in no time at all.

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Practice Better

MBODY360: MBODY360 allows you to create and send customized health plans to a client's mobile device. With this app, clients can directly access their health plan as well as track metrics with you.

MBODY360 contains a chock-full of shopping lists, meal plans, and recipes, while also closely tracking clients' water intake, nutrition, sleep, supplements, and meditation. This app is a great way to keep your clients involved and compliant.

➤ Check out MBODY360 here or read our overview of MBODY360 first.


Website Creation

Lean Domain Search: If you're looking for an available domain name for your health coaching website, Lean Domain Search is an excellent solution.

Lean Domain Search is a name generator that can find compelling names in seconds. All you do is enter a search phrase and the tool will combine it with multiple words to create a variety of memorable domain names.

Lean Domain Search

Namecheap: Once you've chosen a domain name for your website, you'll need to register it and Namecheap is just the place to go. Not only are their prices more affordable than competitors like GoDaddy, but Namecheap's features and support also go unmatched.

Every domain you buy through Namecheap comes with WHOIS Guard protection, which shields you from people trying to find your personal data.

➤ Check out Namecheap here.


SiteGround: After you've registered your domain, you'll need to sign up with a web hosting company to host your health coaching website. We recommend SiteGround for its ease of use, great support, and affordability. By using its WordPress auto-installer option, you'll be able to set up the foundation of your website in mere seconds.

The basic SiteGround plan includes one website, 10 GB web space, 10,000 monthly visits, free site builder, and email. SiteGround has an impressive 99.99 percent uptime, so you can have peace of mind knowing your site won't go down.

➤ Check out SiteGround here or read our overview of SiteGround first.


Health Coach WordPress Theme: After you install WordPress, you'll need to install a WordPress theme to give your site its front-end styling. WordPress themes provide a site's overall design, colors, font styling, templates, widget locations, and more.

A good theme will be mobile-friendly, browser-friendly, SEO-friendly, fast-loading, and customizable. Themes are either free or paid, but you'll do much better with a paid theme because they're typically better coded, offer free tech support, and are updated regularly.

Our favorite premium WordPress theme is called, appropriately enough, Health Coach. It has all the attributes listed above and more.

➤ Check out Health Coach here, read our overview of Health Coach or check out some other themes in our detailed Health Coach WordPress theme guide.

Health Coach

48 Hours Logo: Next up, you'll need an attractive logo for your website. If you're not artistically inclined, 48 Hours Logo can professionally design a unique and polished-looking logo that gets attention (it's what we used for this site!) We love their high-quality logos and fast, 48-hour turnaround.

Using 48 Hours Logo is easy and fun. You simply fund a contest whereby graphic designers compete for your project by submitting logo concepts. The better the work, the bigger the prize.

➤ Check out 48 Hours Logo here or read our overview of 48 Hours Logo first.

48 Hours Logo

Thrive Architect: Thrive Architect is a visual editor and page builder. It's a super helpful tool to build the foundational pages of your site including your homepage, services page or any other landing page (we used it to build this very page!) With Thrive Architect, you can also spice up your existing pages with opt-in forms and social media buttons.

Thrive Architect is user-friendly. All you do is use its intuitive drag-and-drop editor – no coding needed. Two-hundred twenty landing page templates are available to make setup as easy as possible.

➤ Check out Thrive Architect here.

Thrive Architect

Thrive Leads: Thrive Leads is a powerful, all-in-one email lead generation plugin. It comes with 10 opt-in forms, including popup lightbox, sticky ribbon, slide-in forms, scroll welcome mat, and two-step opt-ins.

Thrive Leads takes list-building to a whole new level. You can schedule how often popups display, from every day to every 100 days, so you don't bombard your visitors. Thrive Leads also connects you with resources such as forums, demos, and a responsive support team.

➤ Check out Thrive Leads here.

Thrive Leads

Kylie Malcolm Website Design Services: What if you've never designed a website before and just aren't up to the task? Instead of stressing yourself out, you could simply opt for a ready-made or custom-made website for your business. Sounds expensive? It doesn't have to be...

Our go-to designer for affordable site design is Kylie Malcolm. In just 7 days, Katie and her talented team will design a fabulous-looking website for you, complete with logo, copy, styling, and more. Kylie also happens to be a certified health coach, which puts her in a unique position of knowing precisely what your site needs to wow prospective clients.

Kylie Malcolm Content & Design

GetResponse: Email marketing is an essential component to building a thriving health coaching business and GetResponse is just the tool for the job. A powerful email marketing and online campaign management software, GetResponse is simple to use, thanks to responsive templates that allow you to create just about any email or landing page imaginable.

GetResponse includes a super intuitive drag-and-drop tool, completely customizable opt-in forms, and a workflow editor that makes setting up marketing campaigns a snap.

➤ Check out GetResponse here or read our overview of GetResponse first.


Social Warfare: Your website should make it easy for visitors to share your posts on social media. Problem is, most social sharing plugins slow down your site. The solution? Social Warfare, an ultra-fast plugin, free of clunky code that can bog down your site.

With Social Warfare, you can customize your social sharing bar for any social media platform. Besides sharing buttons for social networks, Social Warfare offers cool features including minimum share counts, display share counts, and a slew of style options and analytics.

➤ Check out Social Warfare here.

Social Warfare

KWFinder: KWFinder (keyword finder) is a reliable tool to help you find good keywords to use for your blog posts, which can ultimately lead to more traffic. The process starts by entering a general keyword (e.g., "weight loss") whereupon the tool then generates a slew of low competition, long-tail keywords for you to target.

KWFinder includes a lot of useful data to evaluate keywords, including yearly results, monthly results, average cost-per-click, and difficulty scores. The tool comes with an in-depth step-by-step guide, showing you how to understand the data quickly and efficiently.

➤ Check out KWFinder here or read our overview of KWFinder first.


Textbroker: Your website needs content. But what if writing isn't exactly your forte? One option is to hire a freelance writer(s). Textbroker, the world's largest digital content platform, allows you to choose from more than 100,000 professional, U.S.-verified authors.

Writers on the platform can capably write just about anything you need specific to health coaching, including blog posts, articles, reviews, product descriptions, and more. Moreover, Textbroker writers offer services that can fit your budget, quality requirements, and turnaround time.

➤ Check out Textbroker here or read our overview of Textbroker first.

Textbroker Besides hiring freelance writers, you could also use PLR for your site content (Private Label Rights). While there are many PLR companies to choose from, is our top choice because they provide top-quality, done-for-you content specifically written for health and life coaches.

Professional writers research, write and edit all the content, which you can buy individually or in packs from a library of over 30,300 resources. You can use content in many ways, including articles, blog posts, infographics, ebooks, email courses, and more.

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Grammarly: With Grammarly, you won't have to interrupt your workflow to look up words in a dictionary or thesaurus to get your content just right. Grammarly points out misspelled words and incorrect grammar while writing and makes alternative suggestions. It can detect errors in everything from Word documents to blog posts.

Grammarly also has advanced features such as checking for punctuation, context, sentence structure, plagiarism, and overused words. When you're in a time crunch to churn out content for your website, Grammarly can be a real lifesaver.

➤ Check out Grammarly here or read our overview of Grammarly first.


Hemingway: Named after the master of concise writing, the Hemingway app will help you write tight, powerful content. All you do is paste or type your work into the program's editor, and it highlights long sentences, confusing sentences, passive voice, adverbs, and weak language.

Hemingway isn't a grammar or spell checker like Grammarly, but more a tool for tightening your content. It also has a readability summary and a super helpful feature for bloggers: the reading-time calculator.

➤ Check out Hemingway here or read our overview of Hemingway first.

Hemingway Editor

DepositPhotos: A website without images is like a pizza without cheese. It's a must. Problem is, most stock photography sites are super expensive, whether it's individual images or subscription plans. DepositPhotos, however, is an exception. They offer a great assortment of high-quality images at an affordable price.

DepositPhotos includes a massive stockpile of 60 million photos and 18 million vectors. The site has an advanced search engine that lets you filter images by category, size, resolution, and photographer. Also of note is a reverse image search to further whittle down your search results.

➤ Check out DepositPhotos here or read our overview of DepositPhotos first.


PicMonkey: More often than not, you'll need to tinker with your images before they're ready to publish on your website. But many image editing programs come with tons of features the average health coach will never use (ahem, Photoshop).

For a basic image editing program that allows you to perform simple tasks like cropping, resizing, reshaping, and adding cool filters and effects to your images, PicMonkey is the answer. Best of all, the learning curve is minimal.

➤ Check out PicMonkey here or read our overview of PicMonkey first.


Bookly Pro: As a health coach, you need an easy way to schedule appointments with clients. Enter Bookly Pro, a plugin created specifically to book appointments so you don't forget or overbook them. Clients merely view your schedule and book their own appointments, which helps take pressure off you.

Bookly Pro can send out email reminders to reduce the number of no-shows. Clients can use a link in the email to cancel appointments, and they can also pay at the same time they book an appointment.

➤ Check out Bookly Pro here or read our overview of Bookly Pro first.

Bookly Pro

Live Chat Inc: These days, people want fast customer support with a personal touch. Live Chat can fill that need. All you do is copy and paste a piece of code onto your website and you're good to go.

Live Chat gives verbal alerts when someone initiates a chat, as well as announce if they're a new or returning guest. The app also notes their IP address, pages visited, and how long they stayed on those pages.

➤ Check out Live Chat here.

Live Chat

WP Fix It: It's inevitable. At some point, you're going to hit a roadblock with your WordPress site. We all do. Whether it's some wonky formatting issue or a plugin that's acting up, your site will likely need repairs. That's where WP Fix It comes into the picture.

WP Fix It can diagnose and fix any issue you're having. Their extensive services include general servicing, malware removal, speed service, security monitoring, backup/restore setup, and plugin and theme issues. WP Fix It is available 24/7, and they usually resolve problems within 30 minutes.

➤ Check out WP Fix It here.

WP Fix It


Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Course: Social media is a key component to building a successful health coaching business. Getting good results, however, can be tricky, especially from paid ads. This "Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing Mastery" course offered on Udemy teaches all you need to know about Facebook advertising, so you can turn a profit on your campaigns.

Intended for both beginners and advanced marketers, with this course you'll learn about creating and optimizing a Facebook page, A/B split testing, how to master your sales funnel, and much more. The instruction has a nice step-by-step pace, so it's easy to absorb.


Pinterest Marketing Course: Besides Facebook, Pinterest is the best social media platform for health coaches to be on, mostly due to demographics: Pinterest's audience is primarily female – the main demographic for health coaching clients.

This Udemy course, "Pinterest Marketing Course: Using Pinterest for Business Growth," taps into the platform's profit potential for your business. It tackles important topics, including must-have boards, optimizing your account for search engines, knowing what to pin, and more. The course is an eye-opener if you weren't aware of how effective Pinterest can be.


Canva: Canva is an image editor great for creating social media images (we use it to create all our Pinterest pins). With intuitive drag-and-drop tools, removing, adding, and editing elements is a breeze, even for inexperienced users. The program comes packed with more than 65,000 editable design templates.

Each Canva layout can be optimized in the perfect dimensions for social media platforms, ensuring your images display correctly. You can benefit from many coaching-specific designs, including logos, ebook covers, social media graphics, and recipe cards.

➤ Check out Canva here or read our overview of Canva first.


20 Dollar Banners: 20 Dollar Banners are pros at designing social media banners of all shapes and sizes for multiple platforms. Starting at $20, the company produces impressive and captivating designs at an affordable price.

Service is very reliable and you can expect a speedy six to 24-hour turnaround, ensuring your marketing campaigns stay on schedule. If you want to change your banner, 20 Dollar Banners offers up to five free revisions.

➤ Check out 20 Dollar Banners here.

20 Dollar Banners

MOO: MOO is an online business card printer that uniquely creates up to 50 different designs on the back of each card. You can upload your own designs or tap into MOO's 1,300 stylish templates. MOO offers eco-friendly cards, which is great for environmentally conscious coaches.

MOO's matte cards have luscious color saturation, with the sturdy feel of a luxe card. They offer the highest quality printing of any business cards we've used. MOO also has speedy turnaround time. By ordering cards before 2 p.m., you'll receive them the next business day.

➤ Check out MOO here or read our overview of MOO first.


Productivity & Organization

Todoist: Busy health coaches shouldn't risk relying on handwritten notes to keep track of daily tasks. The solution is Todoist, an app that takes list-making to the next level with its ability to filter, categorize, and group tasks.

Todoist comes with many helpful templates, including Meeting Agenda, Meeting Date and Time, and Next Steps for Current Project, among others. The app allows you to schedule daily, monthly, and even yearly tasks. You're allotted a generous 80 active projects.

➤ Check out Todoist here or read our overview of Todoist first.


Workflowy: Workflowy is a list-making app specifically designed for bloggers. Besides to-do lists, Workflowy allows you to create an unlimited number of article outlines, notes, and ideas. It has great flexibility, letting you easily rearrange sections, insert notes inside of notes, and break down blocks into bulleted lists.

Workflowy's bulleted lists can be nested indefinitely, mimicking naturally occurring thought patterns or mind maps. You can also customize your lists with fonts, italics, bolding, underlining, and even hashtags.

➤ Check out Workflowy here or read our overview of Workflowy first.


Evernote: Evernote is a one-stop-shop for consolidating reminders, links, lists, photos, articles, and voice memos. Since everything is in one place, you can instantly access anything you need. For example, notes for an out-of-town speaking engagement could include car rental instructions, driving directions, and even reminders about the organizer's name.

Evernote also has a nifty feature called a Web Clipper, which turns your phone into a pocket-sized scanner.

➤ Check out Evernote here or read our overview of Evernote first.


Dropbox: As your health coaching business grows, the number of documents and files will too. Dropbox, a file-sharing software that pioneered cloud storage, allows you to share, store, and sync files in the cloud.

If you're new to online storage, Dropbox is a great place to start. No matter where you are, you can access the app from any device and easily share your files or folders with a few simple clicks. Dropbox also allows you to save your version history, so you're not stuck with your current one if you change your mind.

➤ Check out Dropbox here or read our overview of Dropbox first.

Dropbox Your health coaching business may eventually reach a stage where you'll need some support to manage your daily tasks. That's where a virtual assistant (VA) can help. Our favorite platform to find reliable VAs is, a Filipino-based job board filled with over 500,000 résumés, so you can choose the ideal person for your job. has an exceptional variety of candidates who provide super affordable services, including writing, graphic design, and social media management. Besides standard résumé information, candidates are assigned an ID Proof Score, which gauges whether they're who they say they are, so you won't waste time on bogus applicants.

➤ Check out here or read our overview of first.


Income Sources

LiveCareer: If you're looking for a job as a health coach and need help putting together a résumé and/or cover letter, LiveCareer is the answer. LiveCareer gives you the choice to either let their experts write your résumé and/or cover letter or build them yourself using their tools. You can get your résumé and/or cover letter reviewed in three days or less.

LiveCareer also includes a one-stop job board where you can automatically submit your résumé with job sites to quickly reach many companies. Job listings can be filtered by job title, location, industry, or company name.

➤ Check out LiveCareer here or read our overview of LiveCareer first.


Vida: Looking for employment? If you're already certified as a health coach and have some coaching experience under your belt, you may want to look into Vida, a company that pairs you with clients one-on-one via a mobile app.

Clients get to choose the style of coaching they want: motivating, strict, mindful or sympathetic. Vida also allows you to create a personalized health plan for your clients, and they make it easy to stay in touch with them via daily text messages and weekly video chats. The average salary for a Vida coach is 55K per year.

➤ Check out Vida here or read our overview of Vida first.


Ezoic: Besides helping you acquire new clients, there are many other ways your health coaching website can generate revenue. Among these are paid ads. Thing is, most known ad networks like Google Adsense don't pay that much for low trafficked sites. Not so with Ezoic, an ad-testing platform that's gotten a lot of attention in recent years.

So long as your website gets at least 10,000 visits per month, you can sign up with Ezoic and magically see your ad revenue increase exponentially. Ezoic will help optimize your website's sales by analyzing ad types, ad placement, and website layouts to help identify the best combination. Best of all, they'll set everything up for you.

➤ Check out Ezoic here.


Project 24: Another way to generate revenue from your website is via affiliate marketing – the process of promoting another company's products and services in exchange for a commission. Affiliate marketing can be lucrative, but first, you have to learn the ropes. There are many legitimate (and not so legitimate) courses to choose from, but our favorite goes to Project 24.

Project 24 is based on a 60-step process shared in many hours of video courses covering everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, from SEO to monetization. A unique aspect of this course is that its founders, Ricky Kessler and Jim Harmer, share real-life information and insights about how they created their own websites.

➤ Check out Project 24 here.

Project 24

Alternative Balance Professional Group: You've acquired your first few clients and revenue has started to trickle in. But what if something goes "awry" with a client? That's where insurance can be a lifesaver. Alternative Balance provides all-important general and professional liability insurance specifically designed for health coaches.

Alternative Balance has been in practice for over 20 years and has a Better Business Bureau rating of A+, so it's quite reputable. Applying for insurance through the company is fast and easy. All you do is complete the online form, submit payment, and you're covered.

Alternative Balance Professional Group

Office Supplies

Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk: Standing desks have been shown to have many health benefits, including lowering the risk of weight gain and helping reduce back pain. Not only will it benefit your health, but it will set a positive example for your clients.

Our favorite standing desk is the Jarvis bamboo desk, a muscular piece of equipment that allows you to easily alternate between sitting and standing and doesn't wobble when you're typing. This stunning desk is well-built, well-designed, and super durable.


Jabra Evolve 40 Headphones: If you want to have clear, hands-free communication during phone calls or video chats with your clients (which we recommend), the Jabra Evolve 40 over-the-ear headphones fit the bill.

Lightweight and marshmallow-soft, the Jabra Evolve 40 headphones do a great job of blocking out sounds with passive noise cancellation. It also features a noise-filtering directional mic, allowing both you and your client to hear each other clearly, with no ambient noise interference.

➤ Check out the Jabra Evolve 40 here or read our overview of the Jabra Evolve 40 first.


Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920S: Using a built-in computer camera is fine for most occasions, but ideally, you want something higher-quality when conducting video chats with clients to really up your game.

Our top pick is the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920S. Not only is the video and audio quality top-notch (HD1080p, clear even in dim lighting, two built-in stereo mics, etc.), but the setup is super simple. All you do is plug in the attached USB cable and you're good to go.


iPad Pro: Note-taking, video conferencing, and presentations can be a bit challenging on an iPad or iPad Mini. The iPad Pro, in contrast, has a large, gorgeous screen that gives you ample space to perform practically any function or task for your health coaching business.

The iPad Pro has an exceptional sound system that not only sounds incredible but also authentically pans from left to right. Boasting the most powerful chip Apple has ever made, the iPad Pro blazing speed leaves most PCs in the dust.

➤ Check out the iPad Pro here or read our overview of the iPad Pro first.

Apple iPad

Apple Pencil: Intended to use together with the iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil is a pressure-sensitive stylus designed to imitate the natural feel of a pencil or pen. Easy to hold and use, the Apple Pencil has sensors that detect pressure and angle, so you can easily make lines of different thicknesses.

Containing no connectors or moving parts, the Apple Pencil is easy to store by magnetically snapping to the iPad Pro for charging or via a wall outlet.

➤ Check out the Apple Pencil here or read our overview of the Apple Pencil first.

Apple Pencil