Coaches Console Review

Coaches Console Review

Ever walk into a room and forget where you put something? Aggravating, right? It’s kind of like that for health coaches. You have a scheduling app here, a billing app there, and documents and forms who-knows-where. Coaches Console is software that promises to effectively organize your client management in one place. Read our Coaches Console review to see if they deliver on that promise.

Coaches Console Summary

Product Name: Coaches Console

Product Type: Coach practice management program

Price: Core Console System: $147/month ($1,499/yr); Total Console System: $247/month ($2,519/yr)

Best For: Health coaches who want to streamline their day-to-day operations

Summary: Coaches Console is a feature-rich solution that automates and organizes your coaching practice in one program. Clear and straightforward, it helps you handle your online scheduling, billing, marketing, and client management. Coaches Console offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Rating: 10/10

Recommended: Yes. Check out Coaches Console.

What Is Coaches Console?

Coaches Console is a practice management system developed by coaches for coaches. Ideal for ramping up your coaching business, Coaches Console is an excellent choice if you don’t want to futz around with managing multiple platforms or pester a webmaster for help.

Coaches Console’s features are vast but not overwhelming. They’re set up logically, enabling you to get up and running in no time and include the following:

  • Interactive online calendar
  • Forms and documents
  • Invoicing
  • Contact management
  • Reporting
  • Client management
  • Marketing website
  • Website templates

Coaches Console doesn’t leave anything to chance for new users. It offers a superior selection of training resources to get you up to speed fast…

Coaches Console - Training Resources

Who Is Coaches Console For?

Coaches Console is designed for anyone, especially fledgling coaches, who want an easy-to-use, adaptable tool that doesn’t skimp on functionality. It can help coaches who are frustrated with juggling multiple programs and require a one-stop-shop solution.

Anyone who needs extra guidance can rely on Coaches Console’s fantastic, highly responsive support team. Customers can also make use of many video tutorials and educational articles and even participate in live, interactive webinars that often feature prominent players in coaching fields.

Overall Impressions

Upon registration, you’re immediately guided to download a 37-page Getting Started Guide packed with very legibly presented information (e.g., decent-sized fonts, bolding, italics, colored sections, bullet-pointed lists, and screenshots).

(If you’ve ever, say, opened the instructions for a vacuum cleaner and found a 10-page logjam of six-point text, Coaches Console’s Getting Started Guide is a godsend.)

The guide makes it clear that to make the Console work, you’ll need to allow pop-ups (spelled out in three-alarm-fire red lettering).


The centerpiece of Coaches Console is its calendar. The programmers outdid themselves with this well-planned, virtually self-explanatory feature, which underwent an extensive upgrade.

Appointment Types

One of the biggest changes made to the upgraded calendar is the Appointment Types. No other part of the calendar can be set up until this component is set up first.

Appointment Type is a particular kind of appointment. For example, if you have consultations called “Jumpstart Consultations,” only prospects meeting that criteria can create a booking. This way, different types of appointments for specific types of clients can be booked in your available time slots…

Coaches Console - Appointment Types

Both clients and prospects can directly set up appointments. For your peace of mind, these bookings are strictly confidential. Clients can’t see any other client names on your calendar – only open blocks of available time and appointments they have scheduled with you.

As far as different Appointment Types are concerned, you’ll be able to provide specific types of clients a direct calendar link. This will take them to your scheduling page and enable them to schedule their own type of appointment. Appointments can be set as one-time or recurring.

One of Coaches Console’s helpful features is its automatic time zone conversion. For example, if you’re on the East Coast and you’re booking someone at 1:00 p.m. your time, Coaches Console will automatically notify your West Coast client about a 10:00 a.m. appointment.

If you’ve been keeping your contact list on multiple spreadsheets, the contacts section of your computer’s address book or, God forbid, on a prehistoric Rolodex, Coaches Console makes sense of it all by automatically organizing your clients by type:

  • Active clients
  • Inactive clients
  • Hot leads – Contacts who are on the brink of becoming a client
  • Prospects – Other contacts, including friends, family, and potential clients
  • Buyers – People who’ve purchased from you

Confirmations and Reminders

Once you set up your Appointment Types, you’ll move on to Confirmations and Reminders. (This sure beats plastering your walls with Post-It Notes, which you’d probably forget to look at, anyway. 😉 )

Instead, you’ll find reminder templates in the system to keep you on track: Appointment cancellation, appointment confirmation, appointment reminder, and follow-up. These are fully customizable if you want to add your personal flair…

Coaches Console - Confirmation Reminders

You could set up multiple reminders to ensure you don’t miss an appointment. For example, one reminder could be set for 24 hours before an appointment, along with a second one for two hours prior.

Appointment Details

The previous version of the calendar contained default content, but you can now customize it however you wish. The new version includes a Calendar/Add to Google function that enables anyone clicking the link to add that appointment to their calendar and set a reminder. This feature provides the date, title, and time of the appointment…

Coaches Console - Add To Google

To make sense of all this at a glance, Coaches Console includes color-coding for appointment booking. For example, one Appointment Type could be coded in green and one type could be coded in yellow. This also ensures the right people schedule the right appointments…

Coaches Console - Color Coding

All coaches need breathing room between appointments, and that’s why the calendar comes with a blocking feature. This is a tool that enables you to block off time before and after a meeting.

For example, you may want 10 minutes before a meeting to go over your notes, and 10 minutes afterward to review the meeting and prepare for the next one. Blocking is also handy if you need to get a drink of water, take a little downtime or answer nature’s call…

Coaches Console - Blocking Feature

Private Client Website

Coaches Console also offers a website (called a Private Client Website), which is free of hosting fees, admin fees or additional registration charges because it functions as a subdomain of their corporate domain. Fortunately, you’re not locked into using their domain if you want to set up your own customized domain name.

The private client website is a secure place for your clients to make payments and access invoices, forms, documents, and course content. It also provides a channel for you and your clients to interact and bond. You can use the website in three ways:

  • As a stand-alone site for public marketing
  • As a private client website to integrate with an existing one
  • Fully integrated with your existing site (this is the option we like best and explain why in this guide.)

Support Options

We’re quite impressed with Coaches Console’s large selection of support options, which include the following:

Business Success Hub

This is a blog packed with informative posts and on-demand videos. Dating back before 2017, the sheer quantity and diversity of Coaches Console’s video tutorials are astounding. At less than 10 minutes each, the videos are quick little morsels that include titles such as these:

  • ‘Converting Prospects into Clients with Sample Sessions’
  • ‘Pitch the Paperwork and Manage Your Clients with Ease’
  • ‘Exquisite Client Support During the Coaching Session’

The hub helps you learn how to build a successful business, connect with other coaches, and post your own information:

  • Articles – Coaches Console contains a library of easy, informative reads to guide you through the Coaches Console system.
  • ‘Startup Coaches Guide to Quick Cash Flow & Clients in 45 Days’ – In a little more than a month, new members learn about the important stages of a coaching business, necessary technology, and how to use Coaches Console’s features to reach business goals. These guides include: ‘How to Turn “Just Visiting” into “Let’s Do Business,”‘ and ‘Getting Paid and Creating Consistent Income.’


Coaches Console also includes plenty of robust resources that can help your coaching business, which include the following:

  • Online user’s guide
  • Private Facebook mastermind group – As the Facebook description says, this group is “a virtual, private forum for all passionate Coaches Console members to gather and discuss how to best use their Coaches Console system in their business.”
  • VIP business building program – Every Tuesday at 2 p.m., Eastern / 11 a.m. Pacific, Coaches Console co-founder, Melinda Cohan, presents a live webinar spotlighting certain features or strategies related to your Console system. Topics include step-by-step guidance on how to use the Console, dealing with challenges the system may present, tips and tricks, and how Coaches Console can help you get more clients and increase profits.

    Melinda’s post-training Q&A session gives a lot of time and thought to answer questions. (No one likes to ask a question, only to have the speaker rush through the answer and make you feel like a nuisance, right?)
  • Free business success calls – Twice a month, Coaches Console co-founder, Kate Steinbacher, hosts free calls. During these calls, you’ll have access to industry leaders such as Michael Port, Lisa Cherney, and Kim Clausen. You’ll also learn about effective sales and marketing strategies.
  • VA support services – These are virtual assistants – your very own! – who help you use the Coaches Console system.
  • The Console Insider Monthly Newsletter
  • Books – Cohan has written three books that can help expand your coaching know-how, including ‘The Ultimate Coaching Business Blueprint,’ ‘The Coaching Business Content Creation Template,’ and ‘The Coaching Business Roadmap to Success.’
  • Certification assistance – If you’re seeking any type of certification, Coaches Console can help. The program can automatically track your hours and even calculate your projected income for the upcoming months if you need to supply that information.
  • Customer engagement tools – Coaches Console provides ways to foster strong customer engagement. The program helps you build a client database by offering a free gift and automating your marketing follow-up. You can achieve this using their slick new autoresponder and linking it to an opt-in form. You also have the option to send email broadcasts and promo campaigns.
  • Home-study course – To help you hit the ground running, the Console comes pre-uploaded with a course called ‘Courage, Risks and Rewards Coaching Program.’ This is a home-study course you can use as-is or customize. Lessons include: ‘Taking a Chance and Making a Mistake,’ ‘Your Attitude and Taking Chances,’ and ‘Why We Avoid Taking Risks.’
  • Shopping cart – For an additional $50 per month, you get access to a separate Shopping Cart module, which you can use to sell any coaching-related products to your clients.
Coaches Console Review


Coaches Console has two pricing tiers:

  • Core Console System – $147/month or $1,499/year (15 percent discount or $265 savings)
  • Total Console System – $247/month or 2,519/year (15 percent discount or $445 savings)



Interested in checking out other software options for health coaches? Read our detailed health coaching software guide.


  • Coaches Console is a simple, yet feature-rich software program perfect for health coaches. It’s particularly effective because it was developed by coaches for coaches. The creators of the tool have an intuitive understanding of what their customers want.

  • Coaches Console eliminates the need to hopscotch from one client management app to another. It effectively organizes scheduling, billing, website, contacts, forms and more in one handy place.

  • Their member support is exceptional. Not only does Coaches Console have responsive, top-notch live customer service, but a wealth of tools to get you on your feet and keep you there, including videos, articles, a private Facebook group, and weekly live webinars presented by one of Coaches Console’s founders, herself.

  • The revamped Coaches Console calendar is its showpiece, with a great Appointment Types feature that keeps appointments super-organized.

  • Coaches Console comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which speaks volumes about their credibility.


  • There isn’t much to dislike about Coaches Console. That said, having to pay an extra $50 per month for the shopping cart module is a bit unexpected. In all fairness, we wish this was included in the monthly fee.

  • Along the same lines, Coaches Console is a bit pricey and thus may not benefit newbie coaches who may already be operating on a shoestring budget. If this describes you, Practice Better may be a more affordable option (for more information, check out our Practice Better review). But if you’re already working with a few clients and have some revenue coming in, we’d opt for Coaches Console because it’s the Cadillac of coaching software programs.


Created by two actual coaches, Coaches Console is a welcome solution to the practice management needs of coaches. The program is feature-rich and easy to use. It successfully organizes client management tools in one place. After evaluating the program for this Coaches Console review, we can definitively say it delivers on its promise.

Visit Coaches Console >>

Do you have any questions or concerns about Coaches Console? Leave your comments below!


  1. Jordan Smith

    Awesome review! I have about 6 months experience with this system and it’s superb. I am not that tech savvy and had never used software to manage my coaching business, but after a coaching colleague showed me the difference it made to her business, I was instantly sold. The program has really helped to bring my online practice to life by providing a very secure and also user-friendly interface that makes client management a breeze. Do I recommend it? 100%


  2. Heather Sargent

    Coaches Console sounds promising. One question though. I often get overwhelmed learning a new program that has a whole lot of bells and whistles. While they can be amazing when you know what you are doing, I often find the Getting Started info overwhelming. I know you said it is easy to use, I wonder if that is overall or only once you get to know the product better. What have you noticed in this way? Does it seem user-friendly or does it take some getting used to? I just like to know what I’m in for.

    ~ Heather

    • Hi Heather, the program has a bit of a learning curve but the good thing is that the training explains things very well, not to mention they offer very good support. Hope that helps!

  3. I am a virtual assistant and most of my clients are busy coaches. I use this tool to help them manage the backend of their businesses. This tool provides a solid CRM as well as a private client portal which is easy to navigate. I find the autoresponders and online course delivery also very helpful and it’s great that it’s all in one place. Coaches Console more than pays for itself because it takes the place of at least five separate tools. Also their training and customer service is really good.

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