Best Online Health Coach Software

8 Best Online Health Coach Software Solutions

Health coaches are also jugglers. Whether it’s billing, scheduling, reminders, tracking or client management, there’s a lot to look after. But if you’re like most health coaches, you’ll probably drop the ball at some point. Online health coach software can help you avoid this predicament by organizing and streamlining your business’ operations. In this post, you’ll discover all the ways this specific software can upgrade and simplify your day-to-day practices!

Why Use Software for Your Health Coaching Business?

When you use health coaching software, you eliminate the disorganization that’s been sending you into overwhelm. No more rummaging for a form that needed to be signed an hour ago. No more wondering if you’d sent that invoice. No more embarrassing double-bookings.

Health coach software is a sophisticated, efficient solution for performing repetitive administrative tasks and establishing a professional image.

This software assists you with things like:

  • Online invoicing and payments
  • Video consultations
  • Consolidating clients’ information
  • Creating documents
  • Getting e-signatures in real time
  • Reporting and tracking
  • Sharing workouts and meal plans
  • Goal setting

Your hourly rates can suffer just by spending 10 minutes scrambling to get organized. Those rates will take an even bigger hit if you have to track down documents at another location, such as your home or a storage facility.

Also, if you spend an hour coaching a client and then an additional three hours creating forms, emailing invoices, and setting appointments, you can imagine how that would impact your rates. You might even lose clients if they feel as though you’re not taking enough time for them or mishandling their information. Even worse, this type of disorganization can invite legal troubles.

Health and wellness technology is essential for keeping up with the competition. Tech-savvy individuals who consider becoming clients of yours expect it. Taking your business online will enable you to work with precise statistics in order to deliver more effective programs to your clients.

Here are some excellent apps for you to check out that can help shift your business from chaos to order…

8 of the Best Software and Apps for Health Coaches

1. CoachAccountable

As its name suggests, CoachAccountable helps ensure that your clients do what they agreed to do. It’s an all-in-one system for tracking client progress, as well as streamlining clerical tasks. It reminds clients to follow through, achieve goals, and track numbers. CoachAccountable synchronizes you and your clients via action steps, status updates, and deadlines.

Key Features

  • Appointments and online scheduling
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Client management
  • Goal setting
  • Progress tracking
  • Collaboration tools

Ease of Use

CoachAccountable is easy to use for both coaches and clients but it takes time to get familiar with the system. The file/worksheet features simplify getting organized. If you get stuck, CoachAccountable has a comprehensive blog with thorough explanations of its features to help you through.


CoachAccountable’s prices are based on the number of clients you have. They offer a Starter Program, which costs $20 per month for two clients, topping off at $400 per month for 100 clients. There are no setup or cancellation fees and no credit card necessary to start a 30-day trial. You can cancel at any time.


  • Extremely versatile
  • Excellent progress tracking
  • Automatically bill clients
  • Client journal section
  • Whiteboard


  • Could benefit from video tutorials since there’s a bit of a learning curve
  • Worksheet design feature can be erratic

Check out CoachAccountable here or or read our dedicated CoachAccountable Review first.

2. Coaches Console

Coaches Console is a cloud-based solution ideal for health coaches looking for everything and anything. It’s an all-in-one solution that manages client lists, scheduling, forms, client support, content delivery, billing, and reporting. You also have the option of setting up your own website and calendar.

Key Features

  • Appointments and online scheduling
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Client management
  • Goal setting
  • Progress tracking
  • Program management
  • Autoresponders
  • Shopping cart module

Best Choice

Ease of Use

Coaches Console provides exceptional training tutorials that clearly and thoroughly explain the use of the program, which is necessary since the tool is so robust. The support team responds rapidly and will patiently guide you through any stumbling blocks, no matter how small they seem. The console is quite user-friendly and the private client portal is simple and straightforward.


Coaches Console offers two plans:

  • The Core Console System – $147 per month or $1,499 a year
  • The Total Console System – $247 per month or $2,519 a year

There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can try Coaches Console free for 30 days. You can also upgrade to another program free of charge during that 30-day period.


  • Ease of installation
  • Quality software
  • Well-designed
  • Suitable for those who need basic features
  • Excellent training resources and customer service
  • White-label login widget
  • Shopping cart


  • Takes a while to get the system set up
  • Certain features are missing, such as direct client interaction
  • Calendar doesn’t allow people (such as groups) to schedule in the same time slot
  • Pricey

Check out Coaches Console here or read our dedicated Coaches Console Review first.

3. Healthie

Healthie is a comprehensive platform for teleconferencing and practice management. Healthie consolidates video conferencing, billing, scheduling, reminders, goal setting, tracking, calendar management, and food logging.

Clients can take care of their own bookings, and you can communicate with them through the mobile app to hold them accountable. Healthie allows you to conduct consultations on the run and share recipe documents, as well as other health-related information.

Key Features

  • Accessible from any device
  • Securely video chat
  • Get e-signatures, notifications, and share documents
  • Clients can sync data with wearables
  • Update your availability, set appointments, send automated reminders
  • Process credit card payments
  • HIPAA and PCI-compliant

Ease of Use

Healthie is quite intuitive, which eliminates wasted time struggling to find your way around it. Navigation is clear, and its tools and buttons are straightforward so that both client and practitioner can understand and use them. It’s well-organized and easy to understand. If you run into any obstacles, the Healthie team will devote a generous amount of time to help get you up and running.


Healthie has three plans for solo practitioners:

  • Beginnings – $29 per month for five clients
  • Small Practice – $89 per month or $75 per month, yearly, for unlimited clients
  • Practice Plus – $129 per month or $115 per month, yearly, for unlimited clients


  • Wide variety of features in a single platform
  • Easy to navigate
  • Webinars, manuals, and blog posts that help you get established
  • Superb customer service
  • Clients can directly input their credit card numbers


  • Clients can’t check off weekly goals as they’re reached
  • Software needs more customization choices
  • Mobile app has some kinks

Check out Healthie here.

4. Practice Better

Practice Better takes the bewilderment out of starting and growing a business with their all-inclusive tools for tracking, booking, and invoicing. With Practice Better, you can share lifestyle and dietary suggestions, saving them as templates for future use.

Key Features

  • Access client information round-the-clock from any device
  • Record and timestamp sessions
  • Video conference through the app or website
  • Send secure notification and messages
  • Set up tasks and automated appointment reminders
  • Add your logo and brand

Ease of Use

Practice Better is user-friendly because it allows you to do everything you need without having to keep several windows open while working. Moreover, it’s quite intuitive and customizable. Clients can easily book their own appointments.

Practice Better offers an extensive array of walkthrough demos and helpful videos on YouTube that guide you through tasks like sharing documents with clients and completing forms from your inbox.


Practice Better has three plans (charged in Canadian dollars):

  • Sprout Plan – Free forever, three clients
  • Professional Plan – $45CAD per month (about $35 US dollars), 100 clients
  • Plus Plan – $65CAD per month (about $55 US dollars), unlimited clients


  • Easy-to-create invoices
  • Scheduling tool makes it easy for clients to set their own appointments
  • Confirmations, reminders, cancellations, and rescheduling are all automated so you don’t have to send reminder emails to yourself


  • The top navigation’s headers and dashes have inconsistent, confusing placement depending on what page you’re on
  • No Home button when navigating from the food journal to the home screen (the Back button has to be hit repeatedly instead)

Check out Practice Better here or read our dedicated Practice Better Review first.

Best Online Health Coach Software

5. Satori

Satori is a powerful app that simplifies and automates your entire business. It allows you to present your whole coaching program from one place online. You can obtain e-signatures, set appointments, manage clients, receive payments, and create programs. Satori can serve brand-new businesses as well as established ones.

Key Features

  • Automated contracts, invoices, reminders, and reporting
  • Calendar and scheduling
  • Bundle several sessions into one package
  • Link to your blog, website or newsletter
  • Integrates with MailChimp (autoresponder service)
  • Collect client reviews and testimonials
  • Send intake forms and questionnaires
  • HIPAA and PCI-compliant

Ease of Use

Satori’s system can be a bit cumbersome to get around at first but easy to use thereafter for both coaches and clients. The program makes it easy to collect testimonials, reviews, and results.

Satori eliminates never-ending back-and-forth emails between you and your client with a single link for your clients to buy packages, make payments, sign agreements, schedule sessions, respond to questionnaires, and securely manage their accounts.


Satori offers three plans:

  • Starter – $33 per month, billed yearly
  • Trailblazer – $49 per month, billed yearly
  • Pro – $83 per month, billed yearly

You can take it for a 30-day test drive to see if it’s a good fit for you and your business.


  • Client management in one place
  • Integrates with select payment processors and email marketing software
  • Simple interface
  • Tracks current and past clients
  • Includes income summary


  • No video chat
  • App has a few bugs
  • Contacts must be entered one-by-one

Check out Satori here.

6. Ascend for Lose It!

Ascend is an add-on diet-tracking software driven by the well-known fitness app, Lose It! It allows coaches and clients to interact more frequently. With Ascend, you can monitor nutrition, analyze food logs, and interact with clients in real time.

Ascend instantly connects clients to you through Lose It! When your clients log in, you’ll be able to interpret their data and provide feedback through Ascend. Logging food is simple as most grocery store items and brands are available in the app.

Key Features

  • Message clients directly
  • Deep metrics including macronutrient breakdowns and logging frequency
  • Client data is organized in graphs and charts
  • Tracks meals, exercise, and nutrition
  • Searchable list of grocery store items

Ease of Use

Ascend handles multiple entries smoothly and quickly. If you’re in a hurry, you don’t have to make a detailed entry about the food you’ve eaten. You simply enter the calories, fats, carbs, and proteins. Each food item is listed with a corresponding picture so it’s simple to scroll down and identify what you had for each meal. On top of that, the user interface is easy to use and understand.


  • Free Plan – Monitors calorie, fat, and protein intake and your weight
  • Premium Plan – $39.99 per year, with additional features such as sleep tracking and reports on detrimental daily habits


  • Huge food database and restaurant listings
  • App is clean and uncluttered
  • Remembers entire meals
  • The free program is easy to use and customize


  • Doesn’t work on a Kindle
  • Upsell messages keep displaying on free version
  • No user manual
  • While easy, logging food takes a lot of time

Check out Ascend for Lose It! here.

7. MBODY360

MBODY360 is a platform for creating customized health plans and sending them directly to your client’s iPhone, Android, iPad or tablet. Clients have direct access to their health plan on the app, and you and your clients can track metrics together.

MBODY360 is packed with myriad shopping lists, meal plans, and recipes. It can also track your clients’ nutrition, supplementation, sleep, meditation, and water intake. You can use it to help clients remain engaged and compliant.

Key Features

  • Video and text chat
  • Customized diet, meditation, supplements, and sleep
  • Fitness device compatibility
  • Real-time data capture and analysis
  • HIPAA compliant

Ease of Use

MBODY360’s import data feature easily assists clients in sharing health metrics such as weight and movement statistics. From one simple dashboard, you can efficiently monitor everything from client information, to wellness plans and milestones.

Clients can smoothly and instantly access all the tools they need to track their individualized plan. To keep clients accountable, they can upload photos of their meals.


MBODY360 offers three plans for solo practitioners:

  • Free – For up to two clients, no expiration
  • Solo Lite Plan – $29.95 per month, for five active clients
  • Solo Plan – $79 per month, for unlimited clients


  • Clients can start immediately after you assign their plan
  • Supplements can be ordered directly through the app
  • Instant communication between you and your client
  • Video and chat capabilities


  • Program can be difficult to set up
  • Has some glitches (but their team is very willing to help)

Check out MBODY360 here.

8. Nudge Coach

True to its name, this program nudges your clients with personalized reminders and check-ins to keep them accountable.

Nudge Coach is ideal if your priority is staying in touch with clients and receiving feedback about their progress. Unique programs can be created for each individual and his/her goals. With Nudge Coach, check-ins can be scheduled in advance so that clients will stay on-course.

Key Features

  • Online client management and monitoring
  • Personalized tracking and program management
  • Notifications and instant client messaging
  • Real-time activity updates

Ease of Use

Clients of all ages can easily learn how to use Nudge Coach. This simple, intelligent program enables sharing of information without overwhelming clients or coaches. It’s easily adaptable to group or one-on-one coaching, and clients and coaches can communicate round-the-clock. With simple tracking protocols, Nudge Coach can be individualized or standardized for larger groups.


Nudge Coach offers three different plans for individual coaches:

  • Starter Plan – $25 per month, up to 10 clients
  • Growth Plan – $60 per month, up to 30 clients
  • Essentials Plan – $120 per month, up to 100 clients


  • Simple logging process
  • Simple, effective, and reliable
  • Can sync with wearables
  • Tracks indulgences such as alcohol and tobacco
  • No food diary necessary


  • You must click on a link to see who sent a message
  • Syncing between other fitness apps can be sporadic

Check out Nudge Coach here.

Which Health Coach Software is Right for You?

If you’re looking for a software solution that primarily handles administrative tasks like…

  • Appointments/scheduling
  • Billing/invoicing
  • Client management
  • Forms/questionnaires
  • Client messaging
  • Etc.

…any of the first five software solutions on this list will more than meet your needs (despite their shortcomings):

  1. CoachAccountable
  2. Coaches Console
  3. Healthie
  4. Practice Better
  5. Satori

Of these, we recommend Practice Better because it’s free up to your first three clients, which works out great for those new to health coaching. Yes, the other options offer free 30-day trials, but that won’t do you much good if you haven’t secured your first client during that time. With Practice Better, there’s no time limit.

Moreover, Practice Better is easy to use, highly customizable, and comes with great video training to get you set up quickly.

You can visit Practice Better here or read our dedicated Practice Better Review first.

Now, as far as features go, there’s no tool on this list more robust than Coaches Console. If you like the idea of having a personal website without having to create your own, a proprietary email autoresponder, the ability to create your own courses and programs, and much more, Coaches Console is it.

But all these bells and whistles come at a price – $147 per month to be exact for the Coaches Console Core (Starter) Plan, which is obviously much more than the $20-$33 per month price range of its competitors. So, whether Coaches Console is the right software for you really depends on where you are with your business.

You can visit Coaches Console here or read our dedicated Coaches Console Review first.

Now, if administrative tasks like scheduling and billing are NOT your primary concern and instead you need an app to handle health-related tasks like…

  • Goal setting (exercise, diet, etc.)
  • Progress tracking
  • Food logging
  • Customizing health and wellness plans (meal plans, nutrition, etc.)
  • Syncing with fitness apps
  • Etc.

…your best bet is to choose one of these options:

  1. Ascend for Lose It!
  2. MBODY360
  3. Nudge Coach

While the other apps also include goal setting and progress tracking as part of their package, they’re not as specialized as what these specific tools offer.

Of these three, we’re particularly partial to MBODY360 because of its ability to track several key metrics for your clients including nutrition, supplementation, sleep, meditation, and water intake. MBODY360 also offers a chock-full of shopping lists, meal plans, and recipes to choose from. Best of all, it’s free up to your first three clients ($29.95 per month for 5 active clients).

You can visit MBODY360 here.


In a tech-centered world, coaching software will help you to efficiently and effectively address your clients’ needs as well as your own. It’s not just the future of health coaching — it’s the now of health coaching. By using online health coach software, you can change “Where is my…?” and “Did I pay…?” and “When am I going to have time for…?” to “It’s here, you did, and right now!”

So, what are your thoughts about our choices for the best health coach software solutions? Leave your comments below!




  1. Wow, what an excellent list of health coach software you provided here Debbie. It must be tough being a health coach given all the hats they have to wear at once. If I am to become a student and start pursuing fitness (since I’m obese), it would be awesome to have a coach that uses any of these 8 apps.

    By the way, I realized that some of the tools you recommended can be used outside of health coaching. It makes me want to consider starting a coaching business in my own respective field. I’d probably use Practice Better, since it’s free forever with no pressures to upgrade.

  2. Hi Debbie – Enjoyed reading your post. I did not know these tools were available for coaches. I think that’s a great idea… especially since the administrative stuff usually takes up more time than we would like. Appreciate all the information you provided. I found it very helpful in discerning what apps and software are best for a coaching business. 

    I do have a question – are these only geared for health coaches? Or can any professional coach use these apps? Have you heard of other coaches besides health coaches using these tools and if so what has been their experience? Thanks. 

    • Hi Jeff, glad you found it helpful. Actually, many of these tools can also be used for life coaches and fitness coaches. As far as experiences, you can learn more by reading reviews on Capterra. Hope that helps!

  3. Hi Debbie, thank you for all this valuable information. Not only have you named some of the software that would make my job easier, but also you have made comparisons. Health coaching holds my interest because of the many challenges I have had. I overcame most of them but I would like to help others, and I am just starting out.

    This article comes at the right time for me. From your description, I like Practice Better, Healthie, MBody360 for what they offer and mainly because I would like to keep my set-up problems to a minimum. When my business grows, will I be able to still use these? Is there a limit to how many clients I can work with? 

    • Hi JJ, thanks for reading… So, yes, you can continue using these programs as your health coaching business starts to grow. These software solutions offer different pricing tiers depending on how many clients you have. I hope that helps!

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