The Best Health Coaching Websites

29 Best Health Coaching Websites (Get Inspired!)

There’s a big difference between a beautiful website and an effective one. Effective websites not only look good but are strategically constructed to influence visitors’ reactions. Seemingly insignificant elements all have a profound psychological impact. When used correctly, these details can convert visitors into clients.

The health coaching websites below convert. They’re some of the best health coaching websites and can inspire your own website design. All share specific features, including colors, fonts, testimonials, and a magnetic homepage.

(For an in-depth look at effective design principles, check out our detailed guide to website design for health coaches.)

These coaches place crucial information about themselves and their services above-the-fold for readers to digest in one quick bite. All sites encourage opt-ins by offering value-packed freebies such as ebooks, recipes, newsletters, and courses. Check them out below!

1. Alexandra Jamieson

Alexandra Jamieson

One of the main strengths of Alexandra Jamieson’s website is its layout and use of color. Playful images and soft pinks and golds give her landing page a light, fresh, feeling.

Alexandra strategically leads the eye to the blue call-to-action (CTA) button with a tilt of her head. Other CTAs are bright red, the color of urgency. She uses empowering words such as “Risk Taker,” “Rule Breaker,” “Change Maker.”

Alexandra makes it clear that she knows what she’s doing: she’s featured in the documentary, “Super Size Me,” interviewed by Oprah, and written four best-selling books.

2. Amanda Cook

Award-winning health coach, Amanda Cook, artistically uses rectangles that lead the eye from left to right (the natural eye-scanning pattern). She strategically places a weekly newsletter opt-in above-the-fold in a large, eye-catching typeface to grab readers as soon as they enter.

Echoing the healthy theme of berries on her hero image, her logo, CTA buttons, social media icons, and photos of herself all contain lush berry tones. She uses a non-traditional placement of her blog posts on the landing page, rather than deeper in the site.

Amanda’s many credentials include BBC Radio, the Telegraph, the Huffington Post, and MindBodyGreen.

3. Andrea Beaman

Andrea Beaman’s landing page packs an amazing 16 CTAs. The website itself is gorgeous, melding rich shades of magenta with fresh green and pink.

Andrea’s site brims with information, combined with careful use of white space and clear, clean fonts that prevent visitors from being overwhelmed. She’s the bestselling author of three books, “The Whole Truth,” “Health is Wealth,” and “Happy, Healthy Thyroid.”

As someone who previously suffered from debilitating thyroid disease, Andrea personally knows what it’s like and became a Thyroid and Adrenal Health Expert as a result.

She’s been featured on Top Chef, The View, and Self Magazine.

4. Ciara Foy

Ciara Foy (pronounced Keera) immediately engages visitors with a popup advertising her bestselling book, “Empowered by Food.” She does a nice job of presenting two free offers and one brief introductory video above-the-fold.

The website is filled with big, fun splashes of hot pink, which is also a nice, bright shade for unmistakable CTA buttons.

Ciara’s specialty is helping type-A overachievers strike a work-life balance. Coming from the burnout-inducing corporate world herself, Ciara has first-hand knowledge of how to help highly-stressed women.

A renowned health expert, Ciara has been featured in Elle Canada, ForaMTV, and Elevate Magazine.

5. Claire Obeid

Implementing a nice balance of two primary colors (red, yellow) and two secondary colors (purple, green), holistic health coach, Claire Obeid, creates an ambiance of springtime.

Calling her services “The Wellness Project,” Claire implies that, like a project, the client is a work-in-progress, not someone who’s rushed through change. Above-the-fold, she offers an opt-in for a weekly newsletter and free ebook.

Claire uniquely offers the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) [source], a psychological method we haven’t seen offered on any other coaching websites.

Claire was included in the 2015 Institute of Psychological Eating Best Health Coach Blogs.

6. Eating Bird Food

Holistic nutritionist, Brittany Mullins, chose a website name that’s sure to spark curiosity and draw visitors. The hero image is uncluttered, with airy white spaces and soothing neutral colors.

Brittany offers a number of enticing, technicolor recipes. She also lists the health benefits of each food or ingredient (e.g., kale is a powerful antioxidant and is high in minerals). The website sorts recipes into broad categories, such as breakfast and snacks, and also drills down to diets such as gluten-free and paleo.

Brittany has a wealth of press credits, including BuzzFeed, the Huffington Post, Self Magazine, and Prevention.

7. Elissa Goodman

Holistic Nutritionist and Lifestyle Cleanse expert, Elissa Goodman, introduces her site with an alluring opt-in. As soon as you enter the site, a popup appears advertising her “7-Day Reset Cleanse.”

In her “About Me” section, she describes several catastrophic health issues she overcame, which serves as an inspiration to anyone suffering from health challenges who seek her help.

Elissa has a “Healthy Tips” section, which offers insights, such as “A Guide to Graceful Aging,” “8 Simple Ways to Boost Your Metabolism,” and “Are Bitter Foods Better?”

Elissa has an extensive list of magazine credits, including Mashable, InStyle, Vogue, and Glamour.

8. Elizabeth Rider

Elizabeth Rider is a certified holistic health coach whose entire landing page serves as a CTA. It contains no text other than five lines promoting a free ebook that purports to help you look and feel better the natural way.

The site brims with photos of particularly tempting-looking foods because they’re shot in extreme close-ups. Such intense detail even makes healthy food look naughty (such as the Simple Dark Chocolate Vegan Truffle – sigh) and more appealing to dieters.

Elizabeth regularly contributes to the Huffington Post, POPSUGAR, and BuzzFeed, among others.

9. Find Your Balance

Michelle Pfennighaus is a holistic health coach whose landing page is thoughtfully laid out and packed with important information. Coffee cup in hand, she happily gazes at the “Join Our Community” CTA. Visitors are prompted to follow her eye line exactly to what she wants you to view.

There’s a logical menu bar and a list of media where Michelle’s been featured, including ABC News, CBS News, and Pregnancy & Baby.

Michelle also injects humor into the site: On the ad for her radio show, she crosses the street Abbey Road-style with her co-hosts.

10. Greenlips

Rivka Lipsitz’s landing page has lots of visual interest. A strong, angular line splits the page, and its slant is mirrored by the slant of her head and cutting board. On that page, she invites you to enroll in her programs via a hot pink CTA button. This takes you to a page that offers a health coaching program or personal training program.

Below-the-fold, she restates the offer, reinforcing it through repetition. Click on the Recipes tab and not only do you get meal prep info, but relatable photos of her husband, child, and adorable doggie.

11. JJ Virgin

JJ Virgin is a power player in the health and wellness arena (she’s a celebrity nutritionist and Fitness Hall of Famer). One particularly effective aspect of her site is that she helps people 40 or older, an often overlooked age group.

Under the menu bar, she prominently lists her certifications so that people immediately know she walks her talk.

There’s a lot on JJ’s landing page – it’s quite long – but each testimonial, blog post, description of her services and recipe collection is compelling enough to keep you scrolling to the end.

12. Karla Gilbert

Karla Gilbert has extensive references for great credibility. She’s an accredited Nutrition and Health Coach and a certified Level III and IV Fitness Trainer. She’s also certified in nutrition, child nutrition, and has a degree in business marketing. Additionally, she’s a titled Ironwoman racer and renowned standup paddleboard racer.

Her tagline, “A healthier mind and body begins now,” instills hope that clients can expect to see results soon. Karla’s three training packages are cast in a calming wash of purple, blue, and green. On her “Naked Habits” page, she goes into great detail about how she can help you, broken into easily scannable blocks.

13. Katie Bressack

Katie Bressack is an award-winning holistic health coach specializing in women’s hormonal issues. Her landing page is laid out in a visually pleasing balance of stacked rectangular elements. There are at least two bright red CTA buttons for her free “Thrive in Your Body – Balance Your Hormones” ebook on every page.

Many of the testimonials on Katie’s website (appropriately called raves) are long, implying that her clients are impassioned by how she’s helped them. Several raves are video testimonials that add even more authenticity.

Katie has highly respectable credentials, including the Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Fox News, and Bustle.

14. Low Tox Life

Alexx Stuart puts a unique spin on her website by providing parents with resources to raise “low-tox” kids. She offers recipes, podcasts, and e-courses, such as “Raising Kids Who Love Real Food,” and blog posts such as, “Low Tox Lunch Box Tips.”

A bubble regularly pops up at the bottom of the page indicating the name and location of people who’ve just joined her “Go Low Tox” course. This is a great tactic, demonstrating her popularity in real time. Visitors are also greeted by a welcome video of Alexx explaining what she does and the philosophy behind it.

15. Maria Marlowe Integrative Nutrition

Maria Marlow’s landing page contains chunky boxes that draw the eye to the text within. This includes CTAs for a free health assessment, healthy recipes, losing weight, and an invitation to join her 10-week online video program. Maria also shows before and after photos of real people with real results, providing evidence her program works.

To encourage visitor involvement, Maria includes a quiz, “Are You Eating Right for Your Body?” wherein you submit your name and email address to see your results.

Maria has contributed to Vogue, InStyle, the New York Times, and Health.

The Best Health Coaching Websites

16. Martina Fink

Martina Fink’s landing page features a carousel of happy images: women dancing by the ocean, women with flower headpieces in a sisterly group hug, and Martina herself smiling and dancing by the sea. Immediately under that is a quiz, “What’s Your Wellness Archetype?” to create visitor involvement. At the end is an email-capture box.

Martina uses soft, soothing blush pink accents on her CTAs so that they get attention without being overwhelming. Her “Glow School” page contains video testimonials for extra credibility.

Martina has worked with Pretty & Pure, Chakra Intimates, Cetaphil, UBS, and more.

17. Melissa Ambrosini

Melissa Ambrosini’s landing page looks slick and sophisticated, with a black, gray, and gold palette, expansive white space and elegant lettering. Pictures of Melissa looking joyous are scattered throughout the site.

The CTAs for her free 17-part video series stands out as it’s the only one on the page. By isolating this button, Melissa guides her visitors to her intended choice.

She offers a meditation course that non-traditionally incorporates binaural beats, solfeggio frequencies, isochronic tones, and monaural beats.

Melissa has been featured in the Huffington Post, Elle, and Cosmopolitan.

18. Motherhood Unstressed

Quiet, neutral colors and ample white space in Liz Carlile’s hero image conveys a sense of calm and ease that reflects the website’s name and purpose. Generous white space throughout the rest of the website does the same. There are sweet pictures of Liz and her children, adding a wholesome touch.

Liz’s online shop is solely stocked with CBD products for stress. They must pass a strict lab quality analysis. To address any other concerns, Liz has a detailed FAQ about her CBD supplements.

She’s been featured on the Elephant Journal, NBC, and TEDx.

19. My Health Coach Robyn

Certified health coach, Robyn Albaum, combines the image of herself bursting with exuberance, along with rich burgundy and green colors and even a butterfly. All this adds up to a winning landing page conveying joy and beauty.

Robyn has very strategically added the word “my” to her business’s name, giving the visitor a feeling of personal connection.

Under headings throughout the site, Robyn has a small swoosh that looks like a smile, which adds a subtle but powerful effect. She also has an online store carrying products that are organic and gluten, soy, and casein-free.

20. Paige Schmidt

Paige Schmidt’s landing page checks off important boxes, such as prominent social media icons, an email capture for two freebies, and a photo of her rocking a healthy glow.

Below-the-fold is an invitation to sign up for her “Intuitive Eating Monthly Coaching Membership.” A long sales page follows, which builds excitement and anticipation as you near the purchase section at the end.

Paige’s healthy eating program is unusually comprehensive. Topics include “Binge Eating,” “Body Image,” “Daily Eats,” “Intuitive Eating,” “Natural Weight,” and “Relationship to Food.”

21. Positively Well

Cherise Pendleton transforms visitors into clients when entering her site by including a bold “Schedule a Complimentary Call” green button. Click on it and you’re offered a 30-minute discovery call.

Cherise partners with your physician to create a health plan, which is cleverly illustrated by images of fruit with stethoscopes. The site has continuity because it uses only one font, in regular and italic versions.

Cherise is highly educated. Among her degrees are a Masters Degree in Health Education and Promotion, Bachelor of Science in Community Health Education, and National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

22. Primo Health

One of the most important parts of an effective website is a clever, engaging logo. Daniel Sanelli’s logo, shaped like an EKG line, is exactly that, making the experience of visiting his website effortless. Visitors merely watch his landing page info automatically scroll, instead of clicking through it themselves.

On the right side of almost every page are neatly stacked, easy-to-read CTA buttons for a free Functional Health Report, free 15-minute consultation, testimonials, online chat, and health store. The repetition of these offers and the word “free” reinforce them in visitors’ minds.

23. Rebecca Neale

Rebecca Neale astutely offers a free ebook, “All Things Crystal and Self-Love,” as soon as visitors land on her site.

The site displays a close-up of a joyous-looking Rebecca, leading clients to reason that she can also help them find happiness. A feature that gives her the edge over some other sites is the addition of a chat box. When we opened it at 9:20 p.m., someone was actually available to chat!

Rebecca has been featured in Women’s Health, Oxygen, Fitness First Mag, Clean Eating Magazine, and more.

24. Rejoice Nutrition & Wellness

Holistic nutritionist Joanna Brown’s landing page transports us into a utopia of an endless field of lush green vegetables. Green represents growth, harmony, and safety, and using this color makes visitors feel as though they’ve entered a safe, nurturing space. It creates an inviting scene for people who’ve just entered her site.

Another smart tactic is the placement of a “Shop” button as the only CTA on the page. She has a well laid-out “Articles on Nutrition” page with bold, eye-catching images. The text on the right has ample vertical white space between lines for easy readability.

25. Samantha Gladish Holistic Wellness

Samantha Gladdish’s website is designed in an easy-to-read three-column layout. A holistic nutritionist, Samantha establishes her I’ve-been-there-too credibility with an “About Me” section detailing her triumphs over debilitating disease.

Unlike other websites that only have headshots with their client testimonials, Samantha’s testimonials feature before and after photos. She uses a strong sans serif font and spaciousness between lines throughout the site for effortless readability.

Samantha provides a clean, simple form (only five fields) to schedule a complimentary call. When a form is this easy, more people stick around to complete it.

26. Simi Botic

Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach, Simi Botic offers healthy eating guidance. More than that, she uniquely focuses on the destructive perfectionism that no amount of dieting can help. “To me, this work isn’t just the absence of…body comparison or guilt. It’s really about the sense of true confidence…”

In the center of the landing page is a brief welcome video, which draws the eye because of the bold red sweater she’s wearing. Using only soft, sandy tones and black throughout her site, Simi creates a tranquil ambiance throughout.

Simi has been featured on Refinery29, MindBodyGreen, and FabFitFun.

27. Stephanie Leach

Health coach and juice therapist, Stephanie Leach, welcomes visitors to her site with a powerful question: “Ready for a slim, strong body without starving or crazy workouts?” Most likely, visitors answer “yes” and are compelled to click one of two CTA buttons for a free “Juicing and Meal Plan Guide.”

The landing page has a beautifully designed color scheme with balanced shades of red and green, along with warm, tawny accents. Stephanie devotes an entire page to an in-depth explanation of juicing. She also helps clients organize their kitchens and pantries to support healthy eating.

28. The Picky Eater

Anjali Shah’s landing page hits the web design jackpot. She displays practically everything you’d want to know right from the get-go. She has navigation bars placed at the top and bottom of the page, as well as prominent social media icons.

Anjali also includes a click-through to find out what she’s eating this week. On the right-hand side of every page are three freebies: “7 Day Plan for Clean Eating” and “Brunch Party Cookbook” ebooks, as well as an offer for a free 20-minute consultation.

Anjali is the author of “Kid Chef Junior: My First Kids Cookbook” and “Super Easy Baby Food Cookbook.”

She’s been featured in a number of outlets, including Women’s Health, CNN, Glamour, and others.

29. Wholeheartedly Healthy

We like the full-body photo that self-care coach Laura Agar Wilson chose for her homepage because it shows her visitors they don’t have to be rail-thin to be happy. An interesting part of her two 12-month programs is that they include training in tarot, astrology, and moon cycles.

Laura understands that true change involves the mind, not just the body and has written posts that address this, including “3 Mindsets That Are Damaging Your Wellbeing” and “Becoming More Resilient.”

Laura won the 2016 British Health Journalism Awards and has been featured in Natural Health Magazine, Gurgle Magazine, and Cosmo Body Magazine, among others.


If you’re building a website, the 29 mentioned above are some of the best health coaching websites to inspire your design. These sites aren’t created haphazardly. Instead, they’re carefully strategized to have specific psychological effects. If they convert visitors into paying customers, they’ve done their job and done it well.

Want to learn how to create your own sensational health coaching website? Our detailed guide shows you everything you need to know!

Alternatively, you can get an awesome site designed for you by Kylie Malcolm, a word-class designer who specializes in designing health coaching sites. We love the work she does!

What are your thoughts about these health coaching websites? Leave your comments below!


  1. It’s amazing how strategic patterns of landing pages lead to an effective and sought after website. This indeed shows how important it is to plan and carefully select your layout. Colors, fonts, images and arrangements visually attract visitors because it has psychological effect on a person’s preference.

    My top choices would be Elisa Goodman, for the reason that I am interested in the cleansing diet plus the fact that she has been great in assisting difficult health issues. Another one would be Melissa Ambrosini for the main reason that her tag line is positive that a visitor will feel welcomed to navigate her site. Her simple site background helps to focus your attention on her healthy and happy glow.

    All in all, the websites of the 29 featured health coaches look professional and trustworthy. Thanks for sharing website information of these gorgeous and empowered women. 

  2. Hi Debbie! I have been following your site for quite a while and I have always received value from your posts. And this post is no different. I really appreciate the time it has taken you to put this list together.

    Wao! I’m inspired! Taking a quick look at each one of them, I must say that I like them almost all. I’ll bookmark your post to carefully study each site and write down ideas I get from them. This post is gold! Thank you so much!

  3. Okay! I am suitably impressed. I didn’t really know what to expect when I started viewing your page. You have done a serious amount of research to create this list!

    Over the last couple of years, my wife and I have been exploring health topics extensively, viewing a significant number of websites, numerous Youtube videos and a non-stop 9-episode health series. We have learned a lot and modified our lifestyle to the better. 

    With my wife now retired after 40 years as an RN, she has a lot of thoughts on the direction of health and healthcare. We have often thought, lately, about creating a personal blog on various lifestyle and health ideas. 

    With that in mind, the idea of how to proceed with this concept starts to roar its head. How have others approached this concept? What seems to work today? 

    Your compilation arrives with a list of great websites AND with commentary on what you view as great points as to what makes these sites work to bring in the viewer. With the idea of a health blog still a twinkle in our eyes, this page now pushes things a step closer – Topics, layout, colors, CTAs. Each of the sites will also work as a means of generating blog subject ideas. 

    With the cornucopia of sites at our fingertips, it is now our task to review them and decide which approach works best with our personalities, including layout style, navigation and overall topics.

    So I have book-marked your page and am going to get the ball rolling!  Thanks for the significant help!

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